Proposed new Energy Law with a focus on electricity

At the end of 2011 the Polish utility sector received a present from the government in the form of a long-awaited package of proposed energy legislation. How could it change the rules of the market?

Weronika Pelc: Rising electricity prices reflect the cost of compliance with EU requirements

An interview with Weronika Pelc, who heads the Energy Law practice at Wardyński & Partners, about changes in the law and the prospects for growth of the utility industry.

How many transmission system operators in Poland?

The Third European Energy Liberalisation Package permits the existence of multiple transmission system operators for electricity and gas. Under current Polish law, however, there has been only one operator for each system.

PGE will not acquire Energa

Even though PGE argued that its acquisition of Energa would have positive effects, such as increased national energy security for Poland, the Polish competition authority found that any benefits would not outweigh the restrictions…

Reclassification of natural gas transmission lines

Thanks to a new EU definition of “transmission,” some high-pressure gas pipelines will be treated as distribution pipelines exempt from restrictive regulations.

New rules for sale of electricity

The requirement to sell electricity on the commodities exchange, on an online trading platform and in the form of an open tender is about to go into effect.