New regulation on energy from renewables

The new regulation of the Polish Minister of Economy on electricity and heat generated from renewable sources of energy goes into effect at the beginning of 2013. It will increase the share of renewables in the production of electricity and heat.

Investors may review expert reports on the effect of electrical connections

The Court of Competition and Consumer Protection has broken the power companies’ monopoly on information about the condition of the power grid in proceedings seeking a connection to the grid.

Proposal for Renewable Energy Sources Act

The proposed new Renewable Energy Sources Act would significantly change the system of support for electricity produced in Poland from renewable resources.

Gas Law proposal

In the last issue we discussed the proposed new Energy Law. Now it is time to turn to the second element in the package of energy legislation presented in December 2011 by the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Proposed new Energy Law with a focus on electricity

At the end of 2011 the Polish utility sector received a present from the government in the form of a long-awaited package of proposed energy legislation. How could it change the rules of the market?

Weronika Pelc: Rising electricity prices reflect the cost of compliance with EU requirements

An interview with Weronika Pelc, who heads the Energy Law practice at Wardyński & Partners, about changes in the law and the prospects for growth of the utility industry.