Existing power installations to undergo innovative overhaul

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) is testing pre-commercial procurement on the energy market. More such projects will soon be launched in other sectors. What is PCP and who can benefit from it?

New life for stalled wind power projects?

The Energy Regulatory Office has confirmed that wind projects in RES auctions will not have to demonstrate the incentive effect. Here we explain what these changes will mean in practice.

What’s ahead for the Polish energy sector in 2018?

What will change in the regulations governing the energy sector in 2018? What must energy companies and customers be prepared for? Many new legal proposals have appeared recently. Some of them are still in the legislative process, and others have already been adopted and will enter into force this year.

The energy regulator is required to consider the effects of a merger by an industrial user of electricity

The president of the Energy Regulatory Office has withdrawn from imposing sanctions on a company that relied on data for a company acquired in a merger when applying for the status of an industrial user of electricity.

How to escape the financial problems of the RES market: Attempted diagnosis, part 2

A real threat to repayment of credit taken out to build wind farms has arisen. It is a problem for investors and banks. Will it launch a wave of arbitration claims against the Polish Treasury?

How to escape the financial problems of the RES market: Attempted diagnosis, part 1

We decided to examine the fate of the support system for renewable energy sources in Poland in recent years and the impact now felt by market participants. Understanding what has actually happened can enable all parties to find the best exit from the current difficult situation.