Tenant’s right to unilaterally extend lease agreement during the coronavirus epidemic

Entry into force of the Anti-Crisis Shield, i.e. the 31 March 2020 amendments to the Anti-Crisis Act, has had a strong impact on the real estate market, especially the rental market for space at shopping centres. In addition to the widely discussed Art. 15ze, which has extinguished mutual obligations of the parties to lease agreements, the parliament has also introduced another important provision which may significantly affect the rights and obligations of not only the parties to lease agreements, but also other participants in commerce.

Witness testimony in times of pandemic

In March, the European Commission recommended that member states introduce temporary restrictions on travel to the European Union (through 15 May 2020). The vast majority of European countries coordinate border control measures at the EU level. States are again fencing their territories, suspending the free movement of persons also between regions. Restricting travel may not only interfere with holiday plans and delay the delivery of goods and services, but also slow down legal proceedings. However, this can be prevented through legal assistance from cooperating courts of member states.

A decision is issued … then what?

Restrictions resulting from the state of epidemic, as well as extensive changes in law coming into force overnight, require a fresh look at many issues, including such mundane issues as when administrative decisions become final.

Transboundary shipment of waste in a time of pandemic

Restrictions introduced by individual member states to limit the spread of coronavirus also have a significant impact on businesses involved in international shipment of waste. The European Commission has taken steps to harmonise approaches of individual states to these issues and make it easier for businesses to access the specific new rules in force in each country.

Tech versus virus: Contact tracing

The battle with the coronavirus is dynamically entering another phase. After the initial shock, we are realising that technology may have a crucial impact on the rate of return to a somewhat more normal life. This doesn’t mean just biotech. Solutions keeping the virus under relative control until effective vaccines reach the market can prove just as important.

Remote signing of contracts

For obvious reasons, remote signing of contracts has assumed great significance recently. To conclude a contract, is it sufficient to exchange a few emails or to transmit electronically signed documents? It depends.