“Flattening the curve” of post-pandemic disputes

Justice systems around the world will soon be exposed to the same pressure as is currently crushing healthcare systems in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. What can judges and advocates do to “flatten the curve” and increase the resilience of the justice system as it awaits the post-pandemic wave of disputes?

Performance of contracts in epidemic conditions

Even such unusual circumstances as a pandemic do not overthrow the general principle that contracts should be performed (pacta sunt servanda). But this does not mean that the current situation has no impact on the substance or performance of contractual obligations.

Restrictions on business operations and personal freedoms relevant for business

In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, restrictions have been introduced on economic activity and personal freedoms which are unprecedented in the history of adoption and application of law in Poland since 1989. Even now it is evident that the coronavirus epidemic will touch on all sectors of the economy. The restrictions introduced so far have resulted in practically halting all activity in gastronomy, tourism, entertainment, and retail and services at shopping malls and large-format stores. [Update of 3 April 2020]

M&A transactions in the face of the coronavirus

M&A deals are one of the tools for pursuing business. For some they are a method for expanding their scale of operations or generating synergies, and for others allow them to exit investments or raise capital. Thus the turbulence now felt by businesses is impacting their activity in the M&A market.

Cancellation due to pandemic: Are passengers entitled to compensation?

Since 15 March 2020, Poland has had a ban on civil aircraft landing on international passenger flights. Since 16 March, domestic passenger flights have also been banned, except for flights in the public or state interest. Do passengers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of this ban have the right to compensation from the air carriers that were to operate those flights?

Digitalisation against the crisis

Public procurement is one of the biggest driving forces of the economy. Contract performance during the epidemic may be impeded, but ongoing public procurement proceedings should not be stopped just because people are currently working mainly at home.