Modification of contracts and contractual penalties in public contracts under Shield 4.0

As a result of the pandemic, many planned and existing contracts have been paralysed. The uncertain situation forces the parties to cease performing contracts or at least poses barriers to performance. In this situation, can they change the contract? Will they have to pay contractual penalties and damages? The situation now looks somewhat different than it did at the start of the pandemic.

Restaurants at shopping malls also eligible for temporary termination of leases

Shield 4.0 clarified that the possibility of temporary termination of lease contracts applies to all spaces in commercial structures with a sales area over 2,000 m2. The earlier wording of this provision raised many doubts.

Business interruption insurance and the coronavirus crisis

Even before a state of epidemic threat was announced, some businesses anticipating the probable impact of the approaching pandemic decided to take out business interruption insurance. But can this type of coverage make up for at least some of the losses due to the pandemic?

SME status and the Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund

The Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) is one of the most popular support instruments launched in relation to the coronavirus epidemic. Aid under the programme is differentiated and depends on the classification of the beneficiary as an SME (micro, small or medium-sized enterprise) or a large enterprise. So determining the size of the enterprise is crucial for assessing the potential benefits. Another difficulty is the change in eligibility conditions for SMEs introduced by the fund, which may affect the situation of entities considering applying for subsidies and those who have already received them. Some recipients may have to repay the aid.

Tech versus virus: Remote diagnostics

This time we address solutions from the front lines: devices for remote diagnostics which can improve effective detection of the coronavirus and also unburden the health service in other areas. These solutions can also serve as a proving ground for the regulatory approach to oversight of algorithms.

PLN 100 billion in BGK guarantees to support loans

Businesses affected by COVID-19 are frantically seeking help. Direct forms of assistance, such as the financial shield and standstill pay, are extremely popular. Meanwhile, another instrument of the Anti-Crisis Shield has begun operating recently, i.e. loan repayment guarantees granted by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to medium-sized and large enterprises from the Liquidity Guarantee Fund. The programme, worth over PLN 100 billion, is designed to encourage commercial banks to grant new loans for liquidity purposes.