Increased legal protection for gift-getters

Lots of folks in Poland are wondering why exactly the new Consumer Rights Act is entering into force on the 25th of December. It sure looks like a lobbying effort by Old Saint Nick.

Two regimes for construction contracts

In practice, the parties often refer to any contract for a construction project as a construction contract. But many such contracts are not actually “contracts for construction work,” but “contracts for a specific work.”

Should Poland ratify the Cape Town Convention?

The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment offers strong protection to sellers, lessors and financers of aircraft. More and more European countries are considering ratification of the convention. Should Poland be one of them?

Suspension and resumption of work under FIDIC contract terms

Suspension and resumption of construction work are key concepts in the FIDIC Red Book. They are not directly addressed in Polish law but permissible under the principle of freedom of contract. In practice, when the FIDIC terms are used in Poland, these clauses are often modified to shift the risk of their application onto the contractor.

Warranty returns to consumer sales

The recently adopted Consumer Rights Act allows consumers to exercise warranty rights under the Civil Code in place of the current complaint procedure for goods not in conformity with the contract.

What is a reverse mortgage, and whom does it benefit?

In September 2014 the Polish Sejm adopted the long-awaited but controversial Reverse Mortgage Act. The act still requires the approval of the Senate and the President—and this new financial product deserves a closer look.