Warranty returns to consumer sales

The recently adopted Consumer Rights Act allows consumers to exercise warranty rights under the Civil Code in place of the current complaint procedure for goods not in conformity with the contract.

What is a reverse mortgage, and whom does it benefit?

In September 2014 the Polish Sejm adopted the long-awaited but controversial Reverse Mortgage Act. The act still requires the approval of the Senate and the President—and this new financial product deserves a closer look.

If contractors aren’t sure, are they required to speak up?

Under some circumstances, questioning the terms of reference in a tender may be treated not only as a right but as an obligation of a professional contractor.

Sooner is not always better

In contracts, the precise formulation of deadlines and the need for one or both parties to comply with them can prevent surprises in the form of an obligation to take early delivery or make early payment.

In some situations, a contract may be performed only in part

Strony, zawierając umowę, najczęściej zakładają, że zostanie ona wykonana w całości. Czy jednak w przypadku gdy jedna ze stron zaoferuje jedynie część świadczenia przewidzianego w umowie, to druga strona ma obowiązek je przyjąć?

Procedure for renouncing a contract may be simplified

The law is fairly rigorous when it comes to the ability to renounce a bilateral contract. A number of conditions must be met for a contract to be effectively renounced. But may the parties to the contract simplify the procedure?