It’s possible to defend effectively against contractual penalties

This is the conclusion flowing from a non-final judgment issued by the Poznań Regional Court on 2 February 2017 in a case involving one of the largest infrastructure projects in Poland, completed in December 2016.

Old customers, new products: Indemnity for commercial agents after the Court of Justice ruling in Marchon

After the end of cooperation with the principal, a commercial agent is entitled to indemnity if the agent brought “new” customers to the principal or generated a significant increase in turnover with “old” customers. But what if the customer is “old,” and the turnover hasn’t increased greatly, but the agent encouraged the customer to order goods or services it hadn’t ordered before?

Changes in maximum and statutory interest rates

New rules for determining maximum interest rates and statutory interest rates for both interest on capital and interest on delay entered into force on 1 January 2016.

Is a contract agreed with a salesperson via internet valid?

It is often said that the law cannot keep up with the pace of a changing reality, particularly technological progress. This is evident for example in the rules for representation of businesses, which are poorly adapted to online transactions. Fortunately the courts approach this problem with understanding.

Disputes under FIDIC contracts

Are proceedings before the Dispute Adjudication Board a necessary condition for seeking arbitration?

Dispute Adjudication Board: Professional decision-making or a costly formality?

The FIDIC contract terms provide that disputes between the investor and the contractor are to be decided by a Dispute Adjudication Board. But in Poland the board’s rulings are often ignored by parties who disagree with them.