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“Collection of items and rights” subject to a registered pledge should be interpreted in light of the economic purpose

The Polish Supreme Court upheld a cassation appeal presented by Wardyński & Partners and held that when evaluating whether a changing collection of assets may be subject to a registered pledge…

New authority for fiscal inspectors

When must a financial institution release information to fiscal audit authorities identifying the holder of a bank account?

Danuta Pajewska: A well-functioning compliance division lets management sleep easier

Interview with Danuta Pajewska, partner at Wardyński & Partners and co-head of the Banking and Finance practice group

How long is a bank liable for the act of an employee?

If bank staff commit an offence to the detriment of a bank customer, the bank is liable for failure to supervise the employee.

First judgment in favour of a customer who lost money on currency hedging

The court held that the bank misled the customer by failing to warn of the risk associated with currency forward contracts. But each claim must be considered on a case-by-case basis.