Róża Thun: ADR is cheaper and more convenient for businesses than the courts

An interview with Róża Thun, a member of the European Parliament and the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, about the European Commission’s new initiative for resolving consumer disputes.

Arbitration in Poland

Interest in arbitration is growing, due to its effectiveness, professionalism, confidentiality and speed—particularly important benefits for businesses. But the parties do not always take full advantage of the possibilities.

Domain disputes

Dominika Kwiatkiewicz from the Intellectual Property practice group at Wardyński & Partners explains how to achieve an amicable resolution of Internet domain name disputes.

Arbitration conference in Vienna

The nature of arbitration and the role of the arbitrator in managing disputes will be the subject of a discussion at the International Commercial Arbitration – Austrian/Polish Twin Conference in Vienna on 3 December 2010.