An enforcement clause can be issued for a ruling against a bankrupt company

The Polish Supreme Court has confirmed that there is no reason not to confirm that a foreign judgment against a bankrupt company is enforceable, and issue an enforcement clause. Courts of lower instance have ruled out this possibility.

Administrative secretaries under the ICC Rules of Arbitration

The arbitrator’s role is based on trust. Arbitrators are obliged to hear and decide cases personally. Arbitrators cannot delegate their essential duties to other persons. But it is possible and sometimes desirable to entrust supporting activities to another person, known as an administrative secretary. Delegating certain tasks to a secretary can contribute to the arbitration by helping the process go more smoothly, saving time and money, thus furthering the interests of the parties.

The permissibility of asking witnesses leading questions in Polish judicial and arbitration practice

Whether witnesses can be asked leading questions is a vital issue for fair trials, but is treated inconsistently in Polish litigation practice. Inspiration can be sought from the rules that have worked for years in common-law jurisdictions.

What has changed in the ICC Rules?

Amendments to the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris entered into force on 1 March 2017. The amendments were inspired by the desire to provide additional transparency and improved efficiency in international arbitration proceedings based on the ICC Rules. The new features respond to calls from the arbitration community to establish a more tailor-made arbitration procedure.

A lost opportunity: Corporate arbitration and reform of Polish arbitration law

The amendment to the arbitration law that enters into force on 1 January 2016 should increase the popularity of Poland as an arbitration forum. Lawmakers did not take full advantage of the opportunity to expand the scope of arbitration, however, ignoring calls for changes in the arbitrability of corporate disputes.

More on the confidentiality of arbitration

One of the arguments for submitting disputes to arbitration is the confidentiality of the award, which is important for businesses. But as the case law demonstrates, the state courts do not always get the message about the confidential essence of arbitration.