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Transfer prices: You can never be too sure when making an adjustment

Adjustments of transfer prices have generated a lot of uncertainty among taxpayers for a long time, as evidenced by the large number of individual tax interpretations issued in this area. Due to the change in regulations, and because the right to make an adjustment is affected by numerous factors, taxpayers seek interpretations from the revenue administration even when the facts are not very complicated.

Extension of deadlines to perform transfer pricing obligations

“Shield 4.0” extends the deadlines for all obligated entities to file transfer pricing information (TPR), declarations on preparation of local transfer pricing documentation, and enclosures of group transfer pricing documentation. The earlier regulations extended the deadlines only for selected taxpayers.

The Ministry of Finance is open to comments and suggestions on the Cooperation Programme

Recently we wrote about the planned implementation of the Cooperation Programme, under which selected taxpayers would be given the opportunity to cooperate with the head of the National Treasury Administration on a permanent basis. This cooperation would, among other things, enables taxpayers to reach decisions on tax strategy in consultation with the authority competent for verifying the correctness of the taxpayer’s settlements. Until 26 May 2020, taxpayers may submit comments and suggestions to the Ministry of Finance on selected documents relevant to the programme.

Draft tax guidelines: Rules for collection of withholding tax

The Ministry of Finance has published a draft of the long-awaited clarifications of the rules for collection of withholding tax and the obligations of tax remitters. The document is intended to resolve taxpayers’ doubts arising after amendment of income tax acts.

Costly parting of the ways with the Polish tax authorities: Tax on income from unrealised gains

A tax amendment is lying on the Polish President’s desk. It will introduce, among other things, a tax on income from unrealised gains. As announced, the regulations should enter into force at the beginning of 2019.

Split payment mechanism: Apparent and hidden benefits

Businesses are not required to use the split payment mechanism. But the initiative left to them does force them to examine whether it would be worthwhile to take advantage of this new instrument. Lawmakers went to some effort to encourage taxpayers to say yes.