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Decarbonisation of EU economies: How does it work?

The issue of decarbonisation of the economies of EU member states, and in particular Poland, generates a lot of heat. Decarbonising the economy was named as one of the EU’s five energy priorities in the Commission communication entitled “A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy.”

Do windmills and power lines spoil the landscape?

The Polish Parliament is working on a bill known as the “Landscape Act,” which is intended to introduce effective mechanisms for protecting the landscape. But an unintended consequence could be to block the construction of aerial masts, power lines and wind turbines, rather than merely regulate their location.

Weronika Pelc: Penalties for unintentional violations may be lower

An interview with Weronika Pelc, partner in charge of the Energy Law Practice at Wardyński & Partners, on fines imposed by the energy regulator in Poland and possibilities for mitigation of penalties.

Reasonable regulations on shale gas benefit not just investors

An interview with Weronika Pelc, the partner in charge of the Energy Law Practice, and Michał Barłowski, the partner in charge of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring practices, about shale gas projects in Poland.

New regulation on energy from renewables

The new regulation of the Polish Minister of Economy on electricity and heat generated from renewable sources of energy goes into effect at the beginning of 2013. It will increase the share of renewables in the production of electricity and heat.

Investors may review expert reports on the effect of electrical connections

The Court of Competition and Consumer Protection has broken the power companies’ monopoly on information about the condition of the power grid in proceedings seeking a connection to the grid.