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A decision is issued … then what?

Restrictions resulting from the state of epidemic, as well as extensive changes in law coming into force overnight, require a fresh look at many issues, including such mundane issues as when administrative decisions become final.

Control of trading in agricultural real estate

The new Agricultural System Act of 5 August 2015 enters into force on 1 January 2016, superseding the act of 11 April 2003. Barring further amendments, from the New Year the Agricultural Property Agency will be vested with expanded pre-emptive rights and new rights to decide on whether agricultural establishments can be partitioned.

Maintaining of construction documentation by the owner of a building

Is it cause for concern if, with the passage of time, construction documentation for buildings and other structures gets mislaid?

Perpetual usufruct: an obstacle race

Most investors in Poland regard perpetual usufruct as equivalent, in practical terms, to freehold. There are many obvious similarities, but the special features of perpetual usufruct can make it an obstacle race for the unwary.

Acquisition of real estate by foreigners: Permits are still an issue

The limitations on acquisition of land by foreigners fell dramatically when Poland joined the EU, but acquisition of agricultural land still requires a permit and causes many practical problems.