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Commercial register transcripts free online

Since 1 January 2012, the National Court Register Information Centre has been required to provide free online access to complete up-to-date information from the National Court Register and copies of documents submitted to the registry files.

When to supplement bid documents in a public procurement proceeding?

The Public Procurement Law allows the contracting authority to summon a bidder to supplement its bid documentation. The law does not prohibit a bidder from doing so on its own initiative, but is that a good idea?

What information may be protected in a procurement bid as a trade secret?

An offer filed by a bidder in a public procurement procedure may contain information that constitutes a trade secret, which as an exception to the rule of transparency may not be disclosed to other bidders or third parties.

Construction contracts based on FIDIC standards

Construction contracts, including those used in public procurement projects, are often based on FIDIC terms, which are international, universal and commonly applied.