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A new approach to construction design

The recent amendment to the Construction Law introduces a new element of the construction design: the technical design, which will not be enclosed with the application for a building permit. This will speed up the initial stage of the project.

Narrower set of parties in cases seeking a building permit

A relatively small change in the definition of the impact area of a project in the amendment to the Construction Law which entered into force since 19 September 2020 has resulted in a significant change in the rules for determining the set of parties in cases seeking a building permit.

Restaurants at shopping malls also eligible for temporary termination of leases

Shield 4.0 clarified that the possibility of temporary termination of lease contracts applies to all spaces in commercial structures with a sales area over 2,000 m2. The earlier wording of this provision raised many doubts.

Investor’s situation under construction contracts during an epidemic

Many investors currently carrying out construction projects or planning to start them in the near future ask us about the legal possibilities to suspend a project or even withdraw from existing contracts. The question arises whether it makes sense to continue or start projects when implementation will require large financial capital and considerable resources. In this article, we identify legal instruments that may be available to an investor who would decide to stop the performance of works or definitively withdraw from a construction contract.

The situation of lessees and tenants in execution and bankruptcy proceedings

If execution or bankruptcy proceedings are commenced against the owner of leased or tenanted real estate, the lease or tenancy contract may be terminated early by the administrator or trustee. Rent paid in advance may then be deemed ineffective. How should lessees and tenants protect themselves when entering into a contract with an owner in poor financial condition?

KOWR consent to acquire agricultural land: A new approach

The Act of 26 April 2019 Amending the Agricultural System Act and Certain Other Acts made changes to the trading in agricultural real estate in Poland. It also clarified the procedure and conditions for consent to acquisition of agricultural real estate by an entity not meeting the definition of an individual farmer, and not qualifying as a family member of the seller or other entity exhaustively listed in Art. 2a(3) of the Agricultural System Act.