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Amendment of the Payment Services Act: Basic accounts and payment schemes

The amendment of the Payment Services Act is intended to implement the Payment Accounts Directive into the Polish legal system and to adapt Polish law to the Interchange Regulation. In addition to achieving compliance with EU regulations, the new provisions introduce a new type of regulated activity, as operators of payment schemes will be required to obtain approval from the head of the central bank.

No liability for free public WiFi?

According to an Advocate General at the Court of Justice, a provider of free WiFi is not responsible for the actions of its users.

Outsourcing no escape from liability for telemarketing without consent

The Supreme Court of Poland ruled on 17 February 2016 that an entity conducting direct marketing using automated generating systems (in that case SMS ads) is liable for failure to obtain consent from recipients also when it has contracted out the marketing to an external firm.

Changes in maximum and statutory interest rates

New rules for determining maximum interest rates and statutory interest rates for both interest on capital and interest on delay entered into force on 1 January 2016.

Is it OK to shoot down a drone?

Protection of possession of real estate against drones as a form of necessary defence is permissible only under exceptional circum­stances.

ERROR 451: Site unavailable for legal reasons

Can internet service providers be ordered to block a specific website?