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New rules for legalisation of unlawful construction

The amendment to the Construction Law has made life easier for some owners of unlawful structures. Those whose structures were built over 20 years ago can rest easy. So long as their structure is in proper technical condition, they are not threatened with a high legalisation fee or a demolition order. The regulations governing other unpermitted structures have also been simplified and consolidated.

Special Offshore Bill

The long-awaited bill on offshore wind farms was published on 15 January 2020. The bill is to establish mechanisms and instruments for supporting the generation of electricity by offshore wind farms, and, to a certain extent, conditions for the preparation and construction of such projects.

Where can help be sought when an energy supplier increases the price and threatens to cut off supply?

Increasing electricity prices may not please customers, but despite appearances they cause energy suppliers a lot of problems too. It is obvious that firms selling energy try to pass on increases in market prices to customers, even if they are bound by long-term energy sale agreements that guarantee a fixed price for the duration of the agreement. If this happens, customers need to seek the appropriate legal remedy to prevent costs going up, and in extreme cases prevent the electricity supply from being cut off.

Polish wind farms before the Court of Justice of the European Union

The issue of limits on construction of new on-shore wind turbines was examined by the CJEU. Have technical provisions been introduced without notification of the European Commission, and does this mean that Polish courts are required to refuse to apply them?

New regulations may slow the growth of wind farms in Poland

A proposed Act on Wind Power Plant Projects presented in February 2016 is intended to specify the rules for siting of wind farms. But the current version of the proposal generates a huge risk for further growth of the wind power sector and for wind farms already in operation and even for persons interested in building housing near existing wind projects.

Proposed new restrictions on trading in agricultural property

New regulations governing trading in agricultural real estate proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development may have a huge impact not only on the possibility of selling property, but also on share transactions.