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Can an epidemic excuse late performance of a contract?

The simplest answer is “it depends”—primarily on the specific clauses included in the contract and the governing law. This issue is worth considering under Polish law, because economic globalisation means that factory closings in China could also disrupt supply chains in Poland.

The return of the separate procedure in commercial cases

Along with the recent amendment of the Civil Procedure Code, the separate procedure in commercial cases has returned. This will undoubtedly be a major change for businesses and their counsel.

New Public Procurement Law: Mediation and conciliation at the Court of Arbitration at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland—good or bad solution?

Under the proposed new Public Procurement Law, in the event of a dispute involving performance of a public contract, amicable resolution of the dispute would be handled by the Court of Arbitration at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland. But the proposal generates legal doubts.

An enforcement clause can be issued for a ruling against a bankrupt company

The Polish Supreme Court has confirmed that there is no reason not to confirm that a foreign judgment against a bankrupt company is enforceable, and issue an enforcement clause. Courts of lower instance have ruled out this possibility.

Can airlines cancel a return ticket because the passenger missed the outbound flight?

Linie lotnicze często anulują bilet, jeśli podróżny nie stawił się na lot w pierwszą stronę lub na lot na pierwszym odcinku podróży. Czy taka praktyka jest zgodna z prawem?

Could brokers also use mediation?

Mediation is becoming a more widely appreciated and applied alternative dispute resolution method. But there are categories of cases where it could be used more often. One of them is disputes between capital market participants, and in particular between brokerages and their clients.