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Dispute avoidance and adjudication board under the new FIDIC contract conditions (2017)

The new FIDIC contract conditions place greater emphasis on alternative dispute resolution. This approach is reflected in the increased role of dispute avoidance and adjudication boards.

Closer and closer to a new Act on Concessions for Construction Works and Services

Work on Poland’s new Act on Concessions for Constructions Works and Services is near the end. The act is supposed to enter into force before the end of this year.

European Single Procurement Document

One of the most important changes in the Public Procurement Law is introduction of the European Single Procurement Document, which should make it much simpler for bidders to apply for public contracts.

In-house procurement

The concept of “in-house procurement,” i.e. a contract awarded by one public entity to another public entity, is already recognised under Polish law, but the amendment to the Public Procurement Law proposes major changes in this area.

Obtaining decisions and permits: What can be demanded of a FIDIC contractor?

The contractual division of duties to obtain decisions and permits does not change the principle that the investor is basically required to cover the costs of obtaining them. Nor can a division contrary to law be imposed on the contractor.

What a difference a minute makes: To receive or not receive compensation for a flight delay

In strictly defined instances a passenger has the right to compensation for a flight delay, but the law does not say exactly how the period of the delay should be calculated. The European Court of Justice recently answered this question.