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Can withdrawals be made from a bank account seized as security?

In disputes under civil law, a party which raises claims can seek injunctive relief from a court prior to commencement of or during proceedings. Injunctive relief is granted for the duration of the proceedings, which means until a final and binding judgment is issued in the case, and can take various forms (for example seizure of receivables on a bank account). If a court grants injunctive relief, then even if the lawsuit is dismissed after several years of proceedings and the injunctive relief ceases to exist, the business might already have gone bankrupt. A motion for permission from the court for specific withdrawals from a seized account could be an important legal remedy for a business whose bank account has been seized.

Jurisdiction in cases involving international construction contracts under the recast Brussels I Regulation

In disputes involving cross-border construction contracts, one of the questions to be resolved is jurisdiction. Before joining issue in litigation in Poland, the defendant may assert the defence of the lack of jurisdiction of the Polish courts. Jurisdiction in such cases will be determined by applying the recast Brussels I Regulation. The Wrocław Regional Court recently issued a ruling on application of this regulation in civil litigation involving construction works.

More on the confidentiality of arbitration

One of the arguments for submitting disputes to arbitration is the confidentiality of the award, which is important for businesses. But as the case law demonstrates, the state courts do not always get the message about the confidential essence of arbitration.

When an arbitration case winds up in state court

Confidentiality, speed and cost control by the parties are usually ticked off as advantages of arbitration. But these go out the window when the state court intervenes in an arbitration case.

Is arbitration truly confidential?

When the state court resolves issues related to arbitration proceedings, the hearing should not be public.

Not all bank guarantees are created equal

Although the bank guarantee is a commonly used form for securing claims, it is one of the most controversial institutions in Polish law. In a dispute, it is essential to analyse thoroughly the documents establishing the bank guarantee.