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Direct compensation from insurers under the new commercial procedure

Will the amended civil procedure rules improve the litigation position of people suffering a loss in motor vehicle collisions?

Yellowhammer—a whip for carriers: Who will be responsible for deterioration of perishable goods during border controls?

In September, the British media published a documentary on Operation Yellowhammer, analysing the possible effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union without an agreement. The legal chaos caused by a hard Brexit could lead to several days of truck stoppages at the border, creating a risk of damage to perishable goods.

A contributory role in contributing. When might an error made by a representative lead to a decrease in the amount of damages due?

Properly determining the amount of damages sought for loss of health, where a party pursuing a claim for injury partly caused the loss, can be a problem even for professional representatives of such claimants. This is because this issue raises a number of grave practical concerns, addressed by the Supreme Court in a resolution of 11 April 2019 (III CZP 105/18), and also by other bodies.