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New support for energy-intensive industries

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology has submitted a long-awaited draft of the Act on Compensation for Energy-Intensive Industries in relation to the rising costs of climate policy.

RES Act to be amended again

A proposal for amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act has been published. It is intended to enable production of new RES while keeping energy prices as low as possible for users.

Relief for energy-intensive businesses, other businesses under strain

The Ministry of Energy has published a draft amendment to the regulation on tariffs reducing the burden of the qualitative fee on some “large” industrial customers.

New life for stalled wind power projects?

The Energy Regulatory Office has confirmed that wind projects in RES auctions will not have to demonstrate the incentive effect. Here we explain what these changes will mean in practice.

The energy regulator is required to consider the effects of a merger by an industrial user of electricity

The president of the Energy Regulatory Office has withdrawn from imposing sanctions on a company that relied on data for a company acquired in a merger when applying for the status of an industrial user of electricity.

How to escape the financial problems of the RES market: Attempted diagnosis, part 2

A real threat to repayment of credit taken out to build wind farms has arisen. It is a problem for investors and banks. Will it launch a wave of arbitration claims against the Polish Treasury?