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A decision is issued … then what?

Restrictions resulting from the state of epidemic, as well as extensive changes in law coming into force overnight, require a fresh look at many issues, including such mundane issues as when administrative decisions become final.

Administrative proceedings must continue despite the epidemic

The restrictions due to the state of epidemic are making life harder for all of us. But in pending administrative proceedings, there is no basis for holding back actions and resolution of matters, particularly as this could lead to a backlog. The lack of penalties for inaction or delay should not be an excuse for administrative authorities.

Construction in the time of coronavirus

The Special Coronavirus Act excludes the application of the Construction Law to matters related to the coronavirus pandemic. What are the benefits and risks of this exclusion?

Changes in civil procedure: High hopes, some difficulties

An overhaul of Polish civil procedure was published on 6 August 2019. The amending act partly entered into force on 21 August, but most of the new rules apply from 7 November. What can we say so far about the new rules, what should be expected, and what are the worries?

New jurisdiction of the courts in certain cases

While focusing on the most notable changes in the amended Civil Procedure Code, it is possible to overlook the change in the jurisdiction of the courts in several categories of cases. But this change is vital to many litigants.

When a residential part of a building becomes a hotel

The Supreme Administrative Court recently reviewed a case concerning unauthorised change of use of real estate. According to the construction permit it was supposed to be a residential part of a building, but was converted into rooms to be let.