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When a residential part of a building becomes a hotel

The Supreme Administrative Court recently reviewed a case concerning unauthorised change of use of real estate. According to the construction permit it was supposed to be a residential part of a building, but was converted into rooms to be let.

Mediation in administrative proceedings

Public administration is typically associated with authoritative decisions that can be modified only by challenging them through the administrative courts. A recently adopted amendment to the Administrative Procedure Code is designed to soften this image and make the state’s executive authority more citizen-friendly.

A new approach to mediation and its impact on judicial proceedings

An amendment to the Civil Procedure Code entered into force on 1 January 2016, raising the importance of mediation and significantly changing Poland’s mediation regulations. This will also affect the course of judicial proceedings commenced from that date forward.

Electronic signature doesn’t work in administrative court

Poland’s Supreme Administrative Court has held that under current law it is impermissible to file papers with the administrative courts electronically using a secure electronic signature.

When an administrative case takes too long

Parties to administrative proceedings ask what can be done when the case drags on too long. There is no simple remedy, but a complaint against overlong proceedings is one option.

What’s new in litigation law?

The New Year often brings with it numerous changes in regulations, including changes affecting specific judicial or administrative procedures, with an impact on how litigation is conducted. What’s new in this area in 2013?