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State Treasury liability for legal injury during the pandemic

Declaration of a state of epidemiological threat and then a state of epidemic, and other legal acts, entails not only introduction of commands and prohibitions in everyday and professional life but also various types of restrictions on business operations. Doctors may be directed to work in hospitals for infectious diseases. Businesses are saddled with new restrictions causing them to generate significant losses. Can damages be sought from the State Treasury due to these restrictions?

Reprivatisation without myths

The issue of reprivatisation is currently being presented through the prism of numerous controversial aspects of restitution processes. This distorts the picture of reprivatisation, which in any event is a limited phenomenon in Poland.

Reprivatisation law must be just

An interview with Krzysztof Wiktor, a partner at Wardyński & Partners who co-heads the Reprivatisation Practice, about the little reprivatisation act, a controversial ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal, and current trends in the case law.

It’s not just Giesche

The legal status of holders of pre-war bearer stock certificates remains unresolved.

After reprivatisation: Steps to take and accounts to settle

Regaining real estate through the reprivatisation process is the beginning of the stage of mutual settling of accounts with the former public holder of the property and the stage of rectifying the legal status of the property.

Elimination of joint ownership of reprivatised real estate

After developed real estate is restored to the heirs of the former owners, it is usually necessary to divide the regained property among its co-owners. This often raises both legal and tax issues.