Klaudia Przybyłowicz: articles by this author

New rules for admission of foreign rolling stock onto the Polish rail market

On 14 June 2011 the Polish government approved a bill to amend the Rail Transport Act in order to provide for automatic admission of rail vehicles for operation in Poland if they have been admitted for operation in another EU member state.

New rules for exclusion of bidders for public contracts

The Act dated 25 February 2011 amending the Public Procurement Law awaits signing into law by the President of Poland. The act will introduce new grounds for mandatory exclusion of a bidder from a public procurement procedure.

Filling orders for Christmas presents via dynamic purchasing system

Legislative solutions included in public procurement law smooth the way for Santa Claus to perform all contract obligations before children awake.

Must a company controlled by the State Treasury comply with the Public Procurement Law?

Not all companies financed or supervised by public finance units, managed by public appointees or majority-owned by the Polish State Treasury have to award contracts under the procedures established by the Public Procurement Law.

Contract or annex?

When a contracting authority issues an additional order, may it use an annex to the main contract, or does it have to enter into a new contract?

Preparation and use of adaptations of a construction design – basic issues

Lawyers from the Infrastructure, Transport and Public Procurement practice group at Wardyński & Partners explain how to lawfully make revisions to a construction design.