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Permit from the president of URPL, not the Minister of Health

A change in the body responsible for issuing marketing authorisation for drugs should cut the time required to obtain approval in Poland.

How long before generic drugs can be marketed?

Generics are substitutes for an original drug. May they be marketed as soon as the 10-year regulatory protection period for the original (innovative) drug ends?

Council gives green light to proceed with development of uniform patent

Even though the European Court of Justice recently issued a negative opinion on the notion of a treaty that would establish a European and Community Patent Court…

Special foods covered by national health service: an opportunity for the foods industry?

A proposed new Act on Reimbursement for Medicinal Products, Foods and Medical Products calls for the Polish national health service to reimburse the costs of “special-purpose foods” when they offer documented health benefits.

Joanna Krakowiak: Clinical trials-costs will rise, quality too

An interview with Joanna Krakowiak from the Life Science and Regulatory Law practice group at Wardyński & Partners

Will new clinical trials act eliminate irregularities?

Recent reports on disproportionate fees for doctors conducting clinical trials and the hospitals where they work are not the only problem. Conducting sometimes dozens of trials at one medical facility seriously reduces the quality of the research.