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New Act on Trust Services and Electronic Identification

The Act on Trust Services and Electronic Identification is intended to adapt Polish law to the EU’s eIDAS Regulation. Among other things, it repeals the Electronic Signature Act. The new act is part of a broad trend toward creation of a new regulatory framework for digital commerce.

Is Polish law ready for FinTech?

Financial technologies need specific legal solutions and an open approach to the law.

Bitcoin and money-laundering regulations

Controversies surrounding application of money-laundering regulations generate legal uncertainty for businesses operating in the field of digital currencies.

Commercialisation of scientific research in practice

Despite introduction of new commercialisation rules in 2014, there are still legal barriers to implementing projects.

The block chain and the law

Bitcoin opened up a spectrum of possibilities and a legal Pandora’s Box. But block chain—the technology on which Bitcoin is based—generates even greater potential and further legal challenges.

New and planned regulation of investment crowdfunding

New regulations and interpretations will soon have an impact on equity- and debt-based crowdfunding business models.