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Reasonable regulations on shale gas benefit not just investors

An interview with Weronika Pelc, the partner in charge of the Energy Law Practice, and Michał Barłowski, the partner in charge of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring practices, about shale gas projects in Poland.

Agnieszka Lisiecka: Employees should be more aware of work safety

An interview with Agnieszka Lisiecka, a partner at Wardyński & Partners and head of the Employment Law Practice, about the potential consequences of a work-related accident for the employer

Monika Hartung: Enforcement of foreign judgments in Poland is not a problem

An interview with Monika Hartung, a partner at Wardyński & Partners, who co-heads the firm’s Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Practice, about jurisdiction and choice of law.

Dr Marcin Lemkowski: The Class Actions Act plays little role in everyday legal practice

An interview with Dr Marcin Lemkowski from the Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Practice on why so few class actions have been filed in Poland and whether they will likely become more numerous in the future.

Jan Ciećwierz: “Peace through strength” is good business policy

An interview with Jan Ciećwierz, a partner at Wardyński & Partners who co-heads the Dispute Resolution & Arbitration practice, about the need to secure trade receivables.

Dr Jarosław Grykiel: The form for powers of attorney in cross-border transactions

An interview with Dr Jarosław Grykiel of the Corporate Law practice at Wardyński & Partners concerning the form of powers of attorney for use in international transactions.