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New laws on blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies in France

Following Malta and Liechtenstein, France has become the next country to introduce laws on business activity relating to blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Valletta or Vaduz? Following Malta, Liechtenstein also plans to pass a law on trusted blockchain technologies

Virtual currencies are a reality, but large countries have taken a conservative stance towards them, and have not legislated on this issue in their legal systems. Small countries, on the other hand, seeking a source of revenue, are trying to specialise to attract representatives of the world of new technologies and cryptocurrencies. The legislative initiatives taken recently by Malta and Liechtenstein are an example.

Liechtenstein developing alternative dispute resolution

The Principality of Liechtenstein has been an international financial centre for a long time. Now, due to the Liechtenstein Rules, it has an opportunity to become an international arbitration centre.

Rulings by Chinese courts more and more common in cross-border disputes

As the People’s Republic of China becomes an increasingly stronger player on the international scene, it is no surprise that rulings by Chinese courts are being issued more frequently in disputes arising out commercial cooperation with Chinese counterparties. This phenomenon will only grow in importance for European lawyers.

Can seeking to secure evidence interrupt the running of the limitations period?

This question can be answered only after determining which substantive law applies to the case. It can be a crucial issue in cross-border disputes.