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Calvin Klein is not the only “CK”

The European Court of Justice has held that the trademark “CK Creaciones Kennya” is not similar to the trademark “CK” registered by the Calvin Klein Trademark Trust for clothing.

Battle with counterfeiters may get easier

More and more pirated goods are being seized by customs officials, according to this year’s report from the European Commission on enforcement of intellectual property rights by EU customs officials.

Czechs win Budweiser name in Europe

The dispute over the Budweiser name in Europe is now over. The European Court of Justice upheld the opposition by the Czech company Budějovický Budvar to an application by the American company Anheuser-Busch to register the Budweiser trademark for beer.

Not every use of a trademark is sufficient to maintain registration rights

Placing a trademark on items given free-of-charge to customers does not constitute “genuine use” of a trademark required to maintain the registration.