Dr Przemysław Szymczyk: articles by this author

Sejm passes “Developers Act”

On 31 August 2011 the lower house of the Polish Parliament adopted the Act on Protection of the Rights of a Purchaser of a Residential Unit or Single-Family House, which is intended to improve the legal standing of customers of real estate developers.

Notary need not check a document before confirming the signature

When confirming the signature on a document, a Polish notary is not required to review the lawfulness of the document itself—particularly in the case of documents from abroad or in a foreign language.

Compensation for more nationalised real estate in Warsaw

The Polish Constitutional Tribunal has significantly expanded the set of former owners of properties in Warsaw who are entitled to compensation for seizure of their real estate by communist authorities following World War II.

State Treasury’s liability for violation of EU regulations

A beneficiary of EU Structural Funds that violates procedures and has to repay the funding because of a failure by Polish state authorities to implement EU regulations properly may seek damages from the State Treasury.