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It’s not just Giesche

The legal status of holders of pre-war bearer stock certificates remains unresolved.

Holders of shares of pre-war companies: Shareholders or collectors?

The holders of share certificates of Giesche SA did not succeed in reactivating the pre-war company. But does that mean that share certificates issued by pre-war Polish companies are now only of value as collector’s items?

Special rules for taxation of investments in Belarus

Special economic zones, Hi-Tech Park Belarus, and the China-Belarus Industrial Park are just a few of the projects in Belarus offering highly favourable investment conditions, particularly in the area of taxation.

Starting a business in Belarus

With simplified registration procedures, it now takes just a day to establish a business in Belarus. When registration is based on documents from Poland, no additional legalisation is required.

Lessee’s rights in the event of defects in leased property

One of the basic elements of the legal protection afforded to lessees is the lessor’s liability under the warranty for physical and legal defects in a leased asset.

VAT on the sale of developed land

The manner in which a structure on land is defined determines the tax consequences of sale of the land.