Dr Jarosław Grykiel: articles by this author

The issue of long-term contracts in transactional practice

Remarks on problems related to the ability to modify contract terms to reflect changing circumstances, and the duration of long-term contracts

Validity of contracts when a party is not properly represented

One of the conditions for the effectiveness of a contract is proper representation of the parties when the contract is concluded. In other words, it matters who signs the contract.

Transfer of rights and obligations under commercial contracts

Comments on statutory and contractual restrictions on the assignability of agreements.

Dr Jarosław Grykiel: The form for powers of attorney in cross-border transactions

An interview with Dr Jarosław Grykiel of the Corporate Law practice at Wardyński & Partners concerning the form of powers of attorney for use in international transactions.

The company that swallowed its own tail

When acquiring shares it is important to examine whether either of the parties is a parent or subsidiary of the other. The existence of such ties may significantly restrict the acquirer’s share rights or even prevent effective acquisition of the shares.

Exercise of share rights by the acquirer of registered shares

Can the buyer of registered shares fully exercise all share rights immediately upon acquisition of the shares?