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Ecological NGOs are capable of more and should do more

Imposing remedial measures requires a finding of environmental harm, including determination of a reference point for assessment of the damage. If an ecological NGO claims environmental harm, it must be properly documented.

Environmental impact of shale gas exploration and extraction

Before beginning to explore or extract shale gas, is it always necessary to conduct an environmental impact assessment?

A business does not always have to pay for pollution

It may be released not only by the passage of time, but also, for example, if the pollution was caused by another entity or resulted from compliance with an order by public authorities.

New emission standards for installations

The new Regulation of the Minister of the Environment on Standards for Emissions from Installations went into force on 25 May 2011.

New law on environmental crimes in force since 10 June 2011

There are now more acts against the environment punishable as crimes. In some cases members of the management board of a company may be held responsible.

A preparation is now a mixture

The Act on Chemical Substances and Mixtures (Dz.U. 2011 No. 63 item 322), adopted by the Polish Parliament in February, went into effect on 8 April 2011. There are numerous changes, but they are not revolutionary.