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Plans for revolution in classification of a substance as a by-product

A bill has been submitted to the Sejm proposing major changes to the procedure for classification of objects or substances as by-products. If the amendment is passed, this will have a negative impact on anybody who uses such products in their activity. All classifications of objects or substances as by-products performed under the current laws will expire six months after the new bill comes into force.

Planning and environmental damage

The act of planning and preparation for a venture cannot be regarded as an “activity” causing an imminent threat of environmental damage.

Due diligence and outsourcing of waste management

During due diligence, it should be determined whether a producer of waste has released itself from proper management of the waste by outsourcing management of the waste to third parties.

Development of high-quality agricultural land? Only with the permission of the minister

The Act of 8 March 2013 Amending the Act on Protection of Agricultural Land and Woodlands went into effect on 26 May 2013—introducing major changes affecting persons seeking to build on highly productive agricultural land.

More on the Waste Act

Do waste management decisions and notifications retain their validity after entry into force of the new act?

New Waste Act

The new Waste Act of 14 December 2012 went into force on 23 January 2013. It introduces major changes in the waste management system in Poland. The prior Waste Act of 27 April 2001 will continue to apply in certain areas, however.