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What if the State Treasury refuses to turn over real estate?

Entry in the land and mortgage register of the heirs of the former owner of nationalised or expropriated real estate does not always end the battle to regain the property.

Elimination of joint ownership of reprivatised real estate

After developed real estate is restored to the heirs of the former owners, it is usually necessary to divide the regained property among its co-owners. This often raises both legal and tax issues.

Seeking damages under the Warsaw Decree

Even though it has been nearly 70 years since Warsaw properties were nationalised, some former owners or their legal successors may still seek return of their property or at least damages. But damages do not include lost benefits.

New Private International Law

The new Private International Law went into force in Poland on 16 May 2011, replacing the old law from 1965.

Amendment of Personal Data Protection Act

The Polish Inspector General for Personal Data Protection will have authority to impose fines for failure to comply with data protection orders. The ability to withdraw consent to processing of personal data has also been clarified.