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Future of work

Intensive developments in modern technologies and increasing globalisation are affecting all areas of life, including that of work. This is work meant in broad terms, not only in terms of its performance, but also recruitment and the mutual relations of employers and employees. Where is this all leading us?

Problems with a task-based working system

Hiring employees according to a task-based working system when there are no grounds for applying a system of that kind, and where the level of tasks required of an employee is not properly selected, could prove costly for an employer in the event of a dispute.

Obligation to rehire an employee terminated in a group layoff

Employers must deal with the consequences of group layoffs long after carrying them out. Their freedom to hire new workers in the future is limited, as they must first rehire staff terminated in the group layoff.

Can an employer require an employee to take a breathalyser test?

An employer cannot admit a drunk employee to work. But may the employer subject the employee to a breathalyser test? What other evidence can the employer use if the employee is fired and appeals to the labour court?

Work schedules: A new obligation of employers

The recent amendment of the Polish Labour Code introduced a requirement for employers to prepare work schedules for all employees. The new rules raise new doubts surrounding organisation of working time without eliminating the existing doubts.

Online registration of a limited-liability company: selected aspects

An amendment to Poland’s Commercial Companies Code that went into effect on 1 January 2012 enables quick registration of a limited-liability company via internet. The “S24” procedure, as it is known, allows a company to be registered within 24 hours.