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Possible consequences of aiding a dishonest debtor

Liability for money laundering in the case of persons assisting in actions taken by dishonest debtors to the detriment of creditors.

State Treasury’s liability in damages for defective tax decisions

The defectiveness (unlawfulness) of a tax decision isn’t enough. Injury must also be proved, and an ordinary causal link between issuance of the decision and the injury.

A criminal case can also be settled

Legal measures for amicable resolution of a criminal case initiated by a creditor to enforce a receivable against assets depleted by the unlawful acts of the debtor.

Protecting the interests of creditors against dishonest actions by debtors

A creditor affected by asset-stripping by a debtor doesn’t have to remain a passive victim of dishonesty.

A dishonest party may be required to pay a debt through criminal proceedings

The penal sanction of the duty to redress loss or provide satisfaction for injury, which may be imposed on a dishonest debtor by the criminal court, protects the interests of creditors.

Fiscal Penal Code before the Constitutional Tribunal

Can advertising of companies conducting gambling activity properly be outlawed? wonder Adam Studziński and Radosław Teresiak, tax advisers from Wardyński & Partners.