Virtual currency – report summary

This is an abbreviated version of a report on the legal and tax aspects of virtual currencies drafted by Wardyński & Partners in July 2014. The report deals, among others, with the following issues: If there is an error when carrying out a Bitcoin transaction, does the party have any kind of claim? Whom would the claim be against? Is theft of virtual currencies a crime at all? If so, where is it committed? Can Bitcoins be inherited? Can Bitcoin be pledged as collateral? If so, what would be the governing law?

Subcontracting in public procurement

The new provisions of the Public Procurement Law regulate for the first time ever in Poland the contractual relationships between contractors in public procurement and their subcontractors. You may read how this relationship is now structured in our newest publication.


Problems with reprivatisation in Poland, the possibility that the State Treasury can obtain title by prescription to unlawfully taken real estate, delay in return of possession of property under the Warsaw Decree, and restitution of land used for allotment gardens.

Outsourcing in Poland

Lawyers at Wardyński & Partners have prepared a report entitled “Outsourcing in Poland” which discusses legal issues connected with employment outsourcing, outsourcing of accounting services, and outsourcing by financial institutions.

How to set up an online store

The guide succinctly describes specific stages of setting up an online store as well as legal issues that should be considered in this connection (agreement on creating a website, contracts with subcontractors and suppliers, presentation of prices, etc).

Protecting creditors against dishonest actions by debtors

A creditor injured by asset-stripping doesn’t have to remain a passive victim of dishonesty, according to lawyers from the Difficult Receivables Recovery Practice.