Whistleblowing and protection of confidential information


Protection of confidential information is not absolute and is subject to limitations, for instance where there is a public interest. Subject to certain conditions, a person who has a nondisclosure obligation may lawfully use the entrusted information despite the confidentiality obligation. At the moment there is no all-embracing regulation on this issue, but this may change soon.

Disputes over breach of trade secrets in the age of the digital economy


As information technology and the knowledge-based economy develop, trade secrets are increasing in importance. At the same time, theft of trade secrets and losses for the economy due to this problem are increasing. In recent years legislators have taken measures to modernise and strengthen the protection of trade secrets.

Am I entitled to an appeal in a tax case?


The principle of a two-instance system is a fundamental principle in public authority proceedings. At times this principle is severely limited, and at times merely fictitious.

Broader applicability of obligation to state address for correspondence


Amendments to the National Court Register Act which came into force on 15 March 2018 make it compulsory to register addresses for correspondence of persons associated with Polish companies with the National Court Register.

Investment disputes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Technological advance and resultant socio-economic “revolutions” have always triggered significant developments in international economic law.

The Constitution for Business soon in force


Three repealed acts, 189 amended acts, and five new acts, one containing recitals, form the Constitution for Business—the comprehensive legislative package regulating business activity in Poland.