The Commission pushes forward on intra-EU investment protection


Earlier this year, the European Commission scored an important success in its campaign against intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties. The CJEU’s judgment in the Achmea case1 confirmed the Commission’s standpoint that a system that allows an investor from one EU Member State to challenge in international arbitration measures taken against its investment by another, host EU Member State, is incompatible with EU law.

Legal update. Changes in law in Poland affecting the business environment


The latest edition of our publication regarding changes in law in Poland affecting the business environment is now out! This time under a slightly changed title: “Legal update. Changes in law in Poland affecting the business environment”.The publication offers a summary of changes across twenty […]

Indemnity – when is it due and in what amount?


Disputes concerning indemnity arise under an agency agreement. This payment does not become due automatically, as there are certain requirements. This payment is due on the basis of equity and is intended to give an agent a share in the profits they help to generate.

Improvement of bid bond rules


Work on a concept for a new public procurement law is an opportunity to review the rules on bid bonds. The changes need to go beyond those proposed in the concept.

Public procurement contracts under the new framework: A clear step toward balancing the parties’ positions


The unique characteristics of public procurements should not impede a balanced allocation of risks between the parties. However, despite efforts by various groups this goal has remained unattainable. The drafters of the new Public Procurement Law have recognised the problems related to the parties’ unequal positions and proposed several remedies.

Succession managers: A new option for entrepreneurs


The proposed Act on Succession Management in Sole Proprietorships will offer new solutions for business owners. It is intended to allow the heirs to continue operating an individual business after the owner’s death.