Investment disputes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Technological advance and resultant socio-economic “revolutions” have always triggered significant developments in international economic law.

Artificial intelligence and the assault on the legal profession


A forthcoming breakthrough in smart algorithm systems will certainly revolutionise the entire economy, much as internet access has become universal. This revolution will not just impact opportunities for finding work in professions such as translator or driver, but will also completely transform the operations of the justice system. This was demonstrated in a recent competition to predict the results of court proceedings between a group of lawyers and an algorithm created by an English startup.

I know what I’m drinking – Polish version


Consultations have ended on a draft amendment of the Act on Sobriety Education and Countering of Alcoholism as well as the Food Safety and Nutrition Act. They are to raise the awareness of consumers and help them make informed choices, now in relation to alcoholic beverages.

Proposed Act on Transparency of Public Life: New obligations for businesses and employers


Work is underway on the Act on Transparency of Public Life, which would introduce numerous solutions not previously encountered in the Polish legal system. The aim of the proposed act is to increase the transparency of management and control over publicly financed institutions, and to reinforce anticorruption mechanisms in Poland.

Liquidation of branches of foreign undertakings—proposed amendments


Under proposed changes, the procedure for liquidation of branches of foreign undertakings would become easier and would also comply with EU law. Thus after several years of uncertainty and disagreement on this topic, Polish law should return to the position approved by the Supreme Court in 2007.

Intellectual property protection on the cosmetics and perfumes market


We devote today’s edition entirely to the cosmetics and perfumes industry, and to the intellectual property protection phenomena and processes specific to that industry.